Commonly asked Social Security Disability / SSI questions.

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There are often basic questions about Social Security Disability benefits, so we have decided to answer just a few of them here.  filingbenefitsclaim

Q 1. What does it cost to hire an attorney for my SSD / SSI claim?

A 1. Nothing. Our firm does all SSD cases on a contingency basis. We take a percentage or pre-determined amount (determined under Statutes) of the back-pay you are awarded. If you are not granted SSD benefits, then we do not collect anything.

Q 2. Is there a difference between SSD and SSI benefits?

A 2. Yes. SSI is usually reserved for those individuals with very low incomes, and/or those that have not worked long enough in order to earn SSD benefits.

Q 3. How do I prove SSD eligibility if I do not have the money to visit a doctor?

A 3. This is one of the hardest issues for SSD applicants. On the one hand they are not working because they are disabled, and therefore, they do not have health insurance that allows them to visit a doctor. On the other hand, it is harder to prove SSD eligibility without documentation from treating physicians. Those that believe that they are eligible for SSD benefits ought to see a doctor as much as they can in order to build the strongest case. However, if you previously worked and had health insurance which allowed you to visit a doctor, we can use those records to prove your case. Check with our office and we will help determine the best course of action you should take.

Q 4. How long does it take to start receiving my benefits?

A 4. This is the hardest part for many applicants to understand. The SS offices are very overworked and any given case can take 1-2 years. However, if you never start the process, you will never receive benefits. it is better to get benefits in 1-2 years than not at all. You need to come into our office ASAP so that we can begin the process on your behalf.

Q 5. Do I have to be completely disabled in order to receive SSD benefits? NO and YES. No, you do not have to be completely disabled in the ordinary sense of that word. Meaning, you do not have to be bed-ridden or need round-the-clock assistance. However, you need to be completely disabled as that term is used in the federal Statutes. The definition in the federal statutes is much more broad and the vast majority of the people who can do normal daily activities are eligible for SSD benefits.

We hope this answers some basic questions for now. We will post more common questions and answers in the near future.  Feel free to contact us through the online contact form or call our office at 937-432-9775 for an appointment to discuss your claim.

Commonly asked Social Security Disability / SSI questions. , 10.0 out of 10 based on 446 ratings
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6 Responses to Commonly asked Social Security Disability / SSI questions.

  1. hayeslegal says:

    It’s ashame the process has to take up to 1-2 years. From the people I’ve interacted with, this is a real burden on them and negatively effects any possible recovery.

    But, like you said, the reality is what it is and getting the process started asap is crucial.

  2. connie clark says:

    my name is connie im 48 unemployed broke and undereducated so that you no when i was 17 i got pregnet when i moved out of my home i was on an iep in school im at about a 4th grade level when i went to the ssi office they sent me to welfair said thats the best they could do for me.

  3. tim says:

    i get ssi .I work about 25 hrs a week i got this job threw vocational reahab and had a coach.I get 8 dollers and hour and the rest started out making 10 dollers and hours is this fair or not.

  4. lyddia bellamy says:

    my son gets ssi im the payee because of his disability he wants to move out on his own can he get his check just in his name

  5. Janice Partridge says:

    I have a cousin on SSI. She tells me that she went in front of a board for SSI/SSd to get a pass to work. Is this true or not!

  6. Bubba says:

    My girlfriend is on ssi due to dramatic brain injuri when she was 4 she is now 20, she just start getting ssi after fighting for 15 years. Her mother is her payee. But has just recently become a very greedy and dictator type person. She wants to move in with me to get away from her mothers temper and nonsence. I have no idea how this all works. But we could definitely use some help on the situation. I only make 9.57 per hour but i have a little apartment and she wants to move in and split bills. Would marriage be a good thing to help with this process or hurt us?

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