13 Responses to Can I keep my Social Security SSDI / SSI while serving jail time?

  1. Jerramiah says:

    I draw social securty each month!! I just received my seventh DWI!! If I go to prison my sentence would be 3 years maximum/two years mandatory!! I’m scheduled to go to rehab for my alcohol problem for six month!! I’m not familiar with New Mexico DWI law? Can I still receive my benefits if I have to serve 2-3 years in the state pen!!

  2. Dolores Jiones says:

    can a person draw SSI and SS if he is convicted of a felon charge but no ijail time

  3. Mary Ann says:

    Question: My son has had 2 kidney transplants and is facing jail time. If his Social Security stops after 30 days, he has no money for kidney medications and will lose his kidney. Does SS make an exception for this kind of situation?

  4. Jeff says:

    Just a question. I have a neighbor, that is going back to prision, again, and is on SSD I believe it is. Is he still allowed to recieve this while in prision?

  5. Jeff says:

    Oh, BTW, he also gets a VA pension, is that allowed while serving 2-3 years in prision? Thanks, just wondering.

  6. MJay says:

    My boyfriend just got approved dor SSD a month before goin to jail and we just found out a month later after he was already in jail, his doin about 5 yrs. Can he still b able to recive when he gets out…?

  7. Ingra says:

    My son has had to do 90 days in prison. For a vilation of provation. He needs alot of medical care. Will he lose his disability?? I have been looking after his bills and rental apartment while he is gone. I am a single mother and I can’t pay my bills and his too. What will happen???

  8. Michael R Jackson says:

    I was released from jail after 70 days sent to the phoenix housey for rent a sober living program where required to pay 105 weekly for rent also required to buy own food etc I came here oct 15 2012 they still won’t let me resume benefits till I am released from here.however as part of the program here I am required to save money for my own place what can I do?

  9. Michael Stanford says:

    If a person is jailed from the middle of one month till the middle of the next month the time they were not jailed in that month they will not receive benefits? As an example if someone was jailed on September 18 till October 23 the days they were not in jail they won’t receive their benefits? That would violate the double jeopardy laws it would seem.

  10. sandra says:

    My 72 yr old brother will be going to jail for 10 months, but his 68 year old wife depends on his social security check. Will his check be ceased automatically?

  11. anna says:

    I find it to be sad that people who have worked cant seem to get disability and yet people who stay in trouble can what you worked out and be in jail and rehab what a sad world we live inin…

  12. tracy says:

    If my husband goes to jail can i his wife still draw his disability income

  13. Dee says:

    My question is, my husband and I both receive a disability check. He might be going to jail, and without his income there is no way I can pay our bills and live on what I receive each month. Will his check stop?

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