Can the Child choose which Parent they want to live with in Ohio?

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It is one of the most common myths that people maintain when it comes to child custody: Once a child reaches a certain age, that child can choose which parent to live with, right? Well, that is actually incorrect. However, this myth is based in history and actually grounded is truth. Under former Ohio law, once a child attained the age of 12 years old,child_support_ohio_termination that child had the power to choose which parent was to be deemed the residential parent and legal custodian of that child. However, under current Ohio law, minor children no longer have the ability to choose which parent they want to live with on a permanent basis. In other words, when the Court issues its final divorce decree which, among other things, allocates parental rights and responsibilities, it is not the child that determines which parent is to be the residential parent, even if that child is a teenager. Ohio law treats a 14 year old in the same manner as a 4 year old when it comes to determining which parent with be designated as the residential parent. And, like almost all issues involving minor children, the determination is guided by what is in the “best interest of the child”.

So, divorcing parents, remember that your child will not be choosing for or against you when it comes to custody issues. Rather, the Court will decide and you need to focus your energy on convincing the Court that it would be in the best interest of the child to live with you … do not work on convincing the child that he or she should choose you. Which, in truth, is not fair to the child anyway.

Can the Child choose which Parent they want to live with in Ohio?, 9.8 out of 10 based on 128 ratings
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55 Responses to Can the Child choose which Parent they want to live with in Ohio?

  1. S. Snell says:

    I don’t think that is fair to the child. Ohio is horrible at doing what is \"best\" for the child. The courts don’t always see what is REALLY going on in the homes, only what is being said by the parents, and parents DO LIE!!!!!!! So do children, but then there are the cases where there are children that are truely getting hurt mentally and physically and the courts do NOTHING about it because they don\’t listen to the child or one of the parents.

  2. doominik says:

    i am a 12 year old. my parents got divorsed then one moved away and the court wont let me go even though i wanna. the law is completely unfair

  3. snickerdoodle says:

    I have a 6 year old that wants to live with me at all times and cry’s everythime its time to go to daddy’s. But cause of ohio laws there is nothing i can do unless she is being beat on then it would be a case 4 children services……

  4. Mark says:

    i agree with this and don’t agree with it. While I do not believe that most 12 year old children can fathom the repercussions of this decision, I was able to choose when i was 12 and it was the best decision of my life. And now my oldest son is in a situation where both he and his 6 year old brother recognize that Mom treats him poorly as compared to the younger child. I do not understand why and cannot get an explanation as my correspondences are ignored. We share custody week on week off but my oldest asks me every other Sunday if he can just stay with me. It breaks my heart a bit every time and I wish I could do something about it. But, in general, their mom is not a BAD mother, just maybe a bit misguided so i doubt a court would grant me custody. So .. I continue trying to be as supportive as i can be without speaking poorly of Mom and hope things turn out OK. I have never had an issue with his temper or attitude (he has a 3rd grader’s attitude .. no more no less). She calls me periodically telling me that “we need to get him help because he is out of control”. In the end, what can I do but be the best dad I am able to be when I have him.

  5. karen oden says:

    I wish the laws were different. My ex-son-in-law has turned my oldest grandson (he’s 17)against me and his mother. He will not talk to either of us. He’s now working on my next grandson (he’s 14). We were there last week-end and after several text messages between he and his Dad his Dad came and got him. My grandson didn’t even say goodby. My daughter have joint custodity. I feel so helpless as I’m loosing my grandchildren because their father is mad at my daughter. If anyone has any suggestion on what either my daughter or I can do please let me know. Thank you

  6. madmom says:

    I have two children and am divorced. I live in Ohio. This law is wrong and nothing more. Both of my children are abused by their father and neither want to see him. He won’t let them around his extended family, but crams his new wife’s family down their throats. My children are old enough to state to everyone who they want to live with. My children live with me and see him on occasional weekends. They come home upset and mad. They are slapped and called awful names. There is nothing I can do about this. Childrens Services views ex-wives as troublemakers and little else. My child came home with a mysterious injury. People at her school didn’t believe the story of how it happened, but they did nothing. I am sick and tired of subjecting my children to a disfunctional loser, but I have no choice.

  7. jmm says:

    I cant believe what I just read! I am a young mother of two. My oldest child was taken from me by her father at 7yrs old. It was supposed to be temporary. I wasnt able to be present in court so her father lied and made me sound awful! My life wasnt the same when she left and she was to young to understand. Now she is about to be 12, has a 6yr old brother and a wonderful, hardworking step-father. I explained what happened and how her dad got custody and it upset her. She now knows the truth and wants to be here with us. Her father hasnt worked in over a year and hes still dating. What kind of stability does she have with him?! She needs her mother and everyone will admit it except him. He wont give up custody. Now I have no clue where to even begin to get my daughter back! We dont have money for a lawyer! The law is wrong in so many ways!! 🙁

  8. Bishop says:

    Well, I guess you should have attended your court date…

  9. Joe says:

    While I can understand the points of view posted, one must also realize that there are others that welcome this law … especially when the child is being instructed / coached into making this very decision. If it were in the best interest of the child I could understand. However, when the mother does not have custody ( nor is trying to get custody ) of either of her other two children ( 3 children, 3 seperate fathers. Each father awarded custody of the children by the courts ) one can only wonder why only this child. Most probable reason would be financial income. I have a very good paying job. Prior to my winning custody of my daughter I was paying the mother over $600 a month in child support. I now make nearly twice the salary I made at that time. The mother has been fired from her job and is in need of income.
    My daughter is a smart 11 year old … but she has a very manipulative mother and grandmother who are more than willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. I feel helpless to stop them from manipulating her to their will. I wrestle with talking to her about my concerns because I strongly believe that she should never have to make that choice. That simply isn’t something a little girl should ever have to do. She loves her mother … as she should.
    I only hope that I can find some way to help her to see that she should never feel like she has to make that choice in order to make her mother happy.

  10. amanda says:

    I am a stepmom of a nine year old boy and 12 year old girl. Their mother refuses to put them in public school and does not do home school with them either. My stepson cannot read and neither child has even minimum education. My stepdaughter admitted to me on our visit that her mom and stepfather are growing and using drugs in front of the children and explaining to them that they are high and the mushrooms make them see colors and does not feel safe at her home. she even told me were they keep the drugs and grow them at the house( Which is completely falling apart). We want custody and they want to live with us. We have contacted children services before and they cannot get in the house. Will anyone listen to her. These kids need help and a good place to live.

  11. Kat says:

    I am a 14 yr old girl of divorced parents. I stay with my mother more often then I do my father. I only go to my dad’s when it has been 4 or 5 days sometimes even a week since i have seen him. I lately have been thinking about moving in with my mother because it is a better environment for me there, more stable both my mother and soon to be step-father have well paying jobs and we spend time together. So they are not only financially supportive, they are supportive in general. At my dad’s however he just got a new job and he normally just sits around playing call of duty. The house isn’t in the best condition either. He cleans just not seriously cleaning. When I told my him i was thinking about moving with mom he told that minors can’t choose who they wish to live with I didn’t believe him (he tends to lie compulsively. So i Decided to do a little research of my own when i came across this sight. I in my own opinion find it completely ridiculous that We, as minors cannot choose, that the court must decide. In my opinion, me being a freshmen in high school I know what’s best for me and do not think that this decision should be made for me by some judge i don’t even know! Completely ridiculous. Agreed?

  12. Dawn says:

    My ex-husband is serving 10 years to life in prison for raping HIS biological daughter from another woman, however, I have been more of a mother to her in the last 5 years than her own mother has. She is living with her lady guardians, who live an alternative lifestyle. I just found out recently, that the partner of her aunt, body slammed her to the stairs and tried to strangle her. She has no marks, but it did scare her and the guardians both lied when they went to the hospital about why all 3 of them were there. Jessie who is 16, going to be 17 in March, does not want to leave and be put in a foster home, but wants to come live with myself and my husband because that is who she feels safe with. What can I do????? Please give me some advice.

  13. bulldogs says:

    I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS!!!! my fiances daughter everytime we have her when we are on our way to take her back to her moms she gets really depressed and starts crying and says “why do I have to go home? Why cant i stay with you guys?” we always have to tell her its ok and we wish she could stay with us. her mother does not care about her the house she lives in is filthy and never clean. and she cries for her dad every night she is at home because her mom doesn’t take care of her.

  14. screwedinohio says:

    what i think is really rediculous is that no matter what a woman does it doesn’t matter, she always seems to get custody of the kids and outrageous child support. My ex has a boyfriend (i know, not illegal), but for some strange reason, he felt the need to call my 2 teenage daughters, even after they told their mom they were not comfortable with it. she would leave them at home to visit her boyfriend, let him drive them around with her car, he cannot get a license because of medical reasons, but that doesn’t matter either. unless you can prove she is a drug user, or a child abuser, you don’t have a chance. of course, if you get a single mother as a guardian-ad-litem, you can be guaranteed not to have a chance at getting custody. oh well, it’s going to be a short 8 yrs until both the kids turn 18, so then i’ll have the last laugh, i’ll still be making my salary, and she’ll be stuck with hers but with no more child support.

  15. debbieingeorgia says:

    I’ve read all the comments posted. Yes, jmm, you should have went to your court hearing. And, no to screwedinohio, the woman doesn’t always get the children. My ex-husband divorced me because his mom didn’t like me and tried to take custody of our daughter for three years after the divorce. Finally, he was successful only because I took a job in GA and moved. I filed the appropriate motions with the court, attended every hearing, no matter how costly and proved to the GAL my stability in my new home. Still a year after I moved, the GAL recommended she stay in Ohio. The GAL assigned to the case did not have the best interest of the child in mind, he felt sorry for my ex-husband that he would not see his daughter everyday. But what about me, I don’t get to see her either. She’s now seven and I’ve been fighting to get her back for three years and the hearings are always fruitless, even though I have proved my ex-husband to be in contempt of visitation 4 times. I know the court first considers who will be more likely to facilitate visitation, and now I’ve proven that my ex-husband is not the one to do so. I found out that the first GAL had not been certified, a requirement of the job, since 2007 and was just relieved of his duties in 2010. A new Gal has been assigned 12/20/2010, and he has yet to call me or start his investigation, we have an evidentiary hearing 3/01/2001. The new GAL just yesterday filed for a continuance since he had not started his job, which was given him by court order to be do so within 14 days of the 12/20/2010 hearing. I have left several voicemails for the new GAL so that he couldn’t say he had no way to contact me. I contacted the court to object to the continuance and was told by the judge’s baliff that the GAL filed the continuance because he had not been paid the $500 to do his job. In fact the GAL had been paid in full 01/11/2011 and I have cancelled checks to prove it. Now I’m representing myself, PRO SE, and yes anyone with half a brain and a drive to protect your child can do it. I need to have this GAL removed and need to know what it takes. The Ohio GAL system has many flaws and if you read Judge Thomas Swift’s regulations for this position, the GAL is supposed to “vigorously defend the rights of the child” and a person in every court is supposed to be assigned as a “complaint department” against the GAL, for use by the people in each case, not just attorneys. No one is assigned to the Trumbull County Domestic Court for compaints. Now I’m going to file a motion to have the GAL removed but I’m sure the court will sweep his actions under the rug and the GAL will not favor me just because I made waves with the court about his lack of ethics. I have done everything that I can, no matter what the cost, to be able to see my daughter, but her father continually alienates her from me and my family. Please if there any suggestions, I would appreciate them.

  16. K. Green says:

    What does it take to get this law revoked? My grandson is suffering horribly at the hands of his neglective mother. The child is six years old and tell us that he can’t wait to move out and buy his own house so he can get away from is mother. The child comes to my house wearing the same socks that we sent him home in…3 days later. The kid eats pop tarts for breakfast or nothing at all most of the rest of time. The mother trys to pick him up from daycare while driving drunk. The day care calls the police but instead of arresting her they tow her car off. She had one DUI that she paid to have exsponged even though there was a public record of a 2 plus breath test. It wasn’t the first time she came to the school under the influence either. Another time recently after she got her car towed off she sent her intoxicate boy friend who has a suspended license to pick him up. The drinking is out of control at the childs residence and he is abused mentally and physical almost daily. The child is scared to death of his mother and screams don’t call my mother, don’t tell my mother if he does anything wrong. He tells me that she hurts him. AFter he goes home to the mother’s residence he comes back angry, hateful, hitting, and his behavior is difficult to manage. He would like to come and live with stable family members. This case was referred to children services who did absolutely nothing. I guess the child has to be 1/2 dead to make the court intevene in the welfare of the child. Is there anything that can be done?

  17. Terry Evans says:

    I went through a divorce about 9 years ago and my wife ended up taking my 3 kids because she had more money backing her then I did. I am now remarried and building my life with my new wife, my children see how disfunctional their mother really is and want to come and live with us. I have spent thousands on the divorce and am preparing to start the second round to try to gain custody of the kids. Why doesn’t the court system in Ohio wake the F up and listen to the children? It would make their lives a little less tramatic. Isn’t that what we really want? I live in Findlay and if you have money you will win so I’m sure I will be throwing my money away again but at least my kids will see that dad is doing everything he can for them.

  18. V.D.C says:

    i am a fourteen year old teenager, that wants to live with my mom. there is to much stress and responibility for me at my dads. i already have school to worry about.!! i would like to visite days with him.. but really nothing more. and i would rather it be in the summer.I AM FOURTEEN FREAKING YEARS OLD!! i should be able to pick where i want to stay. i am smart enough to choose. it’s so not fare that minors cant choose. not to mention that my dad has how many other kids.. he just cant keep up with another child.?

  19. barb says:

    I have a grandchild that wants to live with us but if they don’t even think about the childs best interest with the parents we have no chance. We have raised her since she was a born. her mother just met a new boyfriend and moved in with him. the situation is just not good for a child. my grandchild has lost all interest in all the activities she used to do and she used to love school but now her grades are dropping and she says how she hates it now. She’s 14 now and says when she’s 18 she’s coming back home.

  20. DadFirst says:

    OK, I want to present another side to this and why the law makes sense. I am a father who has custody of his children because the mother was more than willing to grant this when we divorced. No custody battle, no dispute, just wrote up the parenting plan and she signed and also verified in court that this was absolutely what she wanted to do. She was focusing on her life. Well now things are not turning out as she would like and she is trying t convince my oldest child to live with her by promising a puppy. Plus they have no rules there. Bed time whenever they want, watch whatever movies they want (rated R for 13 year old, and two younger ones able to watch PG-13 or whatver)usually come home not having done their homework, sent to school without proper lunches or no lunch at all. Why would I want my child in that environment just because it is a circus and no rules sounds great for them? The child is 13 and is swayed by this but their mother is not focused on them but on her life. Keep in mind she was engaged less than three weeks after our divorce was final as she was having an affair near the end of the marriage, and this was after knowing the guy for a total of four months. Not the most stable environment, but when the parent tries to manipulate the child into moving in with her to just get more money, this is why kids can’t choose. Keep in mind there are two other kids from our marriage and they are not wanted by her. What message would that send to everyone if that were allowed to happen? The 13 year old does not care as we are all still very selfish as that age. So before everyone slams this law, please objectively look at it from the perspective of why it was created, because guess what? After a few weeks at mom’s when the child is upset there, then they want to move back in with me. I know children like to think they are capable but this is a decision with very far reaching consequences.

    Just keep in mind sometimes the “bad” parent can be very manipulative and once the children are removed from that and in a stable environment, they forget all the bad stuff and fal prey to the grass is greener syndrome. I’ve heard the arguement from my own child that they understand how to choose. And when I calm them down and talk to them as an adult (which they claim they are to make this decision) and walk them through the situation they see it is for very shallow reasons that they might want to make a change.

    Oh, and as a tail end to this so folks don’t think I’m mean, we will get a puppy, just right now the time is not right as we are trying to sell our house and can’t deal with that. And we have a dog already. So if the basis for moving is that the child is a teenager and lacks patience and the court allowed them to decide, and all the other factors do not matter to the child at that time, who can tell me that this would be right? I for one, am thankful the law is as it is so I can continue to provide a loving, involved and stable home for my children.

  21. Shelly says:

    I hate ohio laws. they are competely unfair. there is not way that the courts or even the gaurdian ad litem knows the whole story. my exhusband got custody because he has money to back him up and i dont. both of my daughters has from day one of the battle that they dont wanna live with him. they now still tell him hthey wanna live with me but he wont listen and instead they get punnished for mentioning it. i think its totally unfair to them! i just do not know where to start on workin on custody due to money issues. i pay him child support even tho i have them more (he has residential custody for school purposes). i just hate that my kids r not truely happy and it breaks my heart to watch this happening to them…

  22. Hunt says:


  23. kindness says:

    I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids my kids are in foster care the worker on case tell way too many lies the public defender did not do nothing on my case my kids are still suffering in foster care there trying to put my kids up for adoption / sale I would like for everyone to know I have group meetings here in ohio If anyone in ohio would like to come to my meetings let me know u can bring friends with u anyone can contact me my e-mail my number is 330 268-9342

  24. Lulu says:

    From the time my daughter turned 9 until she was almost 12, my ex was telling her that she got to choose who to live with. He made her tons of promises of everything he would do and buy for her if she chose him. It was a very frustrating time and really hard to deal with.

    Then he filed for a change of custody and that was 8 months of annoyances. The ex and his current wife bad mouthing us. Them trying to coach DD on what she should tell the Guardian ad litem.

    Luckily, my daughter is not stupid and doesn’t just follow what he says. When the GAL visited she told DD that she will listen DD, but that DD doesn’t get to choose. And she actually listened to DD.

    She saw the truth in the whole situation and pretty much told the ex that he had no chance at getting a change of custody. Actually, we got a modification to the original Custody Order. The ex got less time with DD.

    I am grateful that a 12 year old or really any minor under the age of 18 can’t choose which parent to live with. The bad parents would always bribe and promise trying to get their way. It happens too much now as it is. Thankfully I got lucky and had a great lawyer & awesome GAL who was assigned to us.

  25. Matt says:

    I have been reading these blogs and am completely torn with my situation. My son is 12 and has lived with me(dad) and step mom since he was 8. He moved in with me mainly because he was struggling with mom. Now his mom is doing great and stable life of her own. Married with 3 more kids. My son broke his leg at her house 3 weeks agal riding his dirt bike and now after recovering out there for 3 weeks, drops his opinion on me that he wants to move back in with her for school. I look at both families as being good ones but it is so hard to let my son go. What should I do?

  26. Christa says:

    I am a mother of a fourteen year old young boy. Me and his father are divorced and he resides at his father’s but we have shared parenting. My ex husband has told me he has smoked pot with my child and allows him to smoke cigs in his home. I want to get him into a safe enviroment but he doesn’t want to live with me.

  27. Melanie says:

    Im 14 now and my step dad and my sister are always gettig me into trouble. My sister does something and then doesnt get in trouble but i do something and my sister tells my step dad and i get in trouble. I want to live with my dad, and I think its totally unfair that I cant choose. I hate this law, and I dont want to live with my dad just because i can stay up late or something. I just dont like it here.

  28. Jeff says:

    This law would be great if the courts actually took the time to investigate and do what was best for the child, but they don’t. I have a 7 year old son that lives with his mother, her boyfriend, and new half sister in a small 2 bdrm house. Neither his mother or her BF have worked in over 2 years. They do drugs, get drunk all the time, he even threatened the lives of my sons grandparents because they know he is a bad guy. I went the proper route by hiring an attorney had the court assign a Guardain Ad-Litem do to what was best for my child but the lady did nothing. She didn’t even talk to half the people I asked her to. Then when she came up with her recommondation I wasn’t even allowed to see it. Noneless I didn’t get custody because she hasn’t been locked up multiple times yet. The system is horrible and the children are who has to suffer because of it.

  29. Phyllis says:

    How do you find one of these law articals for IL? I really could use one. But if it’s the same, that’s not fair. At all.

  30. v.z. says:

    I’m 16 years old and I turn 17 next year end of march, I live with my mum and my sister but my dad lives in a different country and they were ment to get a devorce… So I just wanted to know what will happen after that? Will I get the right to leave with the parent I want to (my dad)?
    Please answer to my question I really want to know about this
    Thank you

  31. lacie says:

    How old do kids need to be to pick witch parent to live with in west virginia

  32. kelsi sheets says:

    i am a 15 year old girl get this the court only thinks what is best for us on the opion of a jury they dont even think if the child is happy or not just what ever gets them off the stand quicker. i think that ohio should wake up and look around seeif we r not happy dont put us back in the same situaton. hello smarties up date the system and learn how to work in the real world!

  33. Zach says:

    Hi idk if this page is for Illinois but Im 14 and I want to live at my dads because he’s nice sure we do work around the house but at least I’m noticed and my moms house is ok but I feel like I’m not worth anything and I think my mom is a control freak sometimes plz help me I want to know how old u have to be to choose your parent in Illinois

  34. Allison says:

    I am a fifteen year old girl, and my mother is my residential parent for schooling purposes. I would like to live with my dad and go to school where he lives, but my mom has taken this whole issue to court. We have been in and out of court for 8 months now, and I have talked to multiple attorneys. I think it is childish that my parents can’t resolve some of their issues, and come to an agreement together for my sake, rather than spend thousands of dollars on fighting. I think that I am very capable in deciding where I would like to go to high school, but this law is taking away from my childhood. I caught between two adults fighting, and I feel like I’m supposed to try to fix everything. It is possible that this argument could go on for years because both of my parents are very “hard-headed”. I never asked for any of this.

  35. Simon says:

    i am a 14 year old boy and i live in california, im probably in the wrong section but im just trying toclear somethings up. i live with my mom and dad equal amounts of time and i am really unhappy at my moms, does abyone know how old i need to be to decide what house i want to live at?

  36. Jillian says:

    My godchild is 11 and her father is in jail and her mother is a drug addict. She is currently living with her uncle so that she can “go to a good school” her mother says.. She feels like her mother is choosing her boyfriend over her and her siblings which, she is.. She mentioned to me that when she gets to be 12 or 13 that she wants to come and live with me. I researched it and found this website. She has no say so in Ohio. That is not fair.. She doesn’t have either of her parents as it is. She knows that I would give her a better life and her family here with me would love her beyond anything she has ever known. I think that this law should be different for these kind of situations. I have been in her life since birth and I’m the only good thing in her life thus far… Situations like this should be an exception…

  37. rae leskowitz says:

    I do not want kids on the street with these kinds of disputes.

  38. Kristen says:

    Thats not true at all. My 9 year old and 13 year old were brought in front of the Ohio Hancock County magistrate and chose their dad. That is what the magistrate used to rule for their dad. So, even if it is law, i don’t believe its being followed.

  39. taylor says:

    im 13 years old and cant figure out who to live with my mom wont let me move in with my dad and my dad left me and my mom when i was 6 months old and ive talked to him about movin in with him and i just want to live with my dad because i live in a house with my step dad drinking miller lite beer and my mom gets on my nerves but i just dont agree with kids my age tht hae to go threw any of this and my parents are divorced!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. empcon says:

    You know that law really sucks as do most ohio child support laws, who is it that makes them anyways and if it is the childs interest they are so worried about then why wont they listen to the children? I get more and more frustrated at receiving calls from my children about their mother and mothers boyfriend always drinking and fighting and bringing them into their arguments!
    Ive noticed a drastic change in my sons attitude towards everything because of being beat by their moms boyfriend or their mom! Alcohol always playing a factor. I brought this up to the courts about her problem with partying to no avail it seemed to me like they didnt believe me. Then not even a month after our hearing wolla!! She gets a d.u.i!!! which she managed to keep concealed from me for a long time until one day goin to pick up my kids and she forgot to hide her car i noticed her party plates!!! That is the nice yellow plates they give you for a dui in ohio.
    You know even having money or a stable environment for your children doesnt always help. I had my own construction company had bought a house and had my budget figured out to where i can actually have extra money for unexpected events that may occur, but the one i wasnt ready for was her quiting her job making 18.75 an hour to go back to school full time! Which somehow got my child support amount more than doubled which led to me falling behind on all my bills and losing everything! Honestly how is that fair that I should have to pay for her to go to school? The money she gets from me doesnt go to my kids but her and her non working boyfriends drinking habits. There is a party over there every weekend and sometimes during the week! How is it that she can afford to pay for all this food and alcohol for her and her friends but wants me to buy clothes and everything else for my kids to have something nice to wear. Both my kids tell me everyday who they want to live with and when i tell them they cant they just cry more seriously is that in the best interest of a child? Or what about my 12 year old saying he wants to kill himself because of the moms boyfriend alway dumping his folded clothes out of a basket because (they wouldnt buy him a dresser)and making him refold them and put them on the floor! All because that particular basket he was using is not for his clothes.
    Not to mention the fact that she up and left with my kids over a year ago moved to florida 1200 plus miles away and child support wouldnt do anything about it. On November 27th I broke my hand and wasnt able to work so i made a trip to florida to see my kids that i havent seen in 14 months because of a rediculous amount of child support that i have to pay i couldnt afford to do anything!! Which is more than 50% of my income!!! How am i supposed to live? Ill tell you I have to roommate with my friend his wife and kids while my kids mother is living in a house that is 1400 a month! not right especially considering im supporting her and him and nothing to my kids! Anyways while child support wouldnt do anything about her moving out of state it was nothing for them to suspend my license while not working because of a broken hand for non payment! one month! So now being stuck in florida which i drove here and now not having a license cant drive back.
    Its the whole child support thing thats ruining people its all about the ones receiving the money even if they dont need it!!

  41. redneck woman says:

    i currently live with my dad and my mom and me are trying to get custody of me and my brothers (we have been trying for over a year now) and it really aint working last night we called the cops and they didnt do anything about it and we tried to go to court and for some reason their denying(what my mom told me was she had to go to the court where our dad lives and then do all of it maybe?) if so if you have any info (ways to see how we can get custody from our mom) please tell me at thanks 🙂

  42. maria says:

    hi i would like to know what can i do to try to get my daugther back i have done just about everything that i know how to do but can someone offer more advice?

  43. J says:

    I believe that we, as a group need to bring this issue to light and press the courts and law makers to change the Ohio Revised Code. I too am in a situation where my children do not want to be with their placement parent. My kids are all below the age of 12 , but have discussed with me more times than I can count how they want to live with me and not the residential parent. I have a shopping list of reasons why the children want to move, but not enough space. If I could afford to go back to court to fight for custody I would, however the other issue that plagues me is the bias in the domestic courts.

  44. Alexis says:

    I want to live with my dad. And my mom says no. I feel its not her choice. She doesn’t know the emotions I am feeling inside.

  45. Jamie says:

    I feel that any child, weather the situation or not, should be able to say where they want to live. My 8yr old stepson has told us (myself&his dad) that he wants to live with us. He dont like his mom. She is mean to him and Makes him watch his baby sister. That child is not capable of watching his sister. I feel for the children that have to deal with this!

  46. Paula Barnett says:

    My grandson currently lives with his mother and step father. His step father is mentally abusive to him. He knows the step father does not like him and treats him unkind. This new law is not for children, our court system is not trying to help children, they do not have a clue or else they do not care. What a shame for Ohio Children

  47. minnie lanier says:

    if the father has been verballly and physically abusive in the past and the parents have never been married to each other and mom is living in a hotel can the father possibly get right s to take the child if he has a house but choose not to see the child for two yeas or more.

  48. william says:

    i am 13 and my dad has supervised wisitation and my mom is a dumb b***h and keeps me there against my own will.that is messed up

  49. happymomma says:

    4 yrs ago when my son was only 8 his father and stepmother decided they wanted custody of him. i have had full custody of him since he was born. ( his father and i were never married) their only reason for wanting him which they admitted in court was she couldn’t have kids and i could have more. not because of abuse or neglect. because he made more money then me the two of them promised my son all sort of things, a dirt bike, no chores, if he wanted something they ran out and bought it for him. i can personally say i am happy my son didn’t get to choose who he wanted to live with. to many parents try to bribe or buy there kids and in reality the parent with the most $ isn’t always the best choice. a child may think they know what’s best for them but they are children. btw i kept full custody of my son

  50. Chandler says:

    I am a father of a 10 year old girl and a 14 year old boy. My ex, a loving mother is remarried to an alcoholic, yells at the kids one inch from their face. How should I handle it? The boy hates him and wants to live with me , she has sent him to live with me for the school year. Still getting child support for both. Now she is getting evicted , after being foreclosed on in her previuos home. Should I open a case, or let the law handle it.

  51. Franchesca Callaway says:

    My ex got custody because he did an emerg hearing gave courts FALSE address, but a miracle happened and 10 mins later he went next door to child support and remembered my correct address. (date stamp and time stamps do not lie on the documents) He also gave false info to judge that stated I was in jail but he got out of jail 1 DAY before this hearing. He also stated he was in fear of his sons life when in reality, HE has a criminal record that includes: drug charges, Aggravated Menacing with a weapon while intoxicated (2xs) DUI, Domestic Violence, and so forth, I do not. Also, my son and I were living about 6 mths in FL and I was being nice and letting him visit his father so we met half way in KY which I had a written agreement about this which he stated to judge that I abandoned my son. The worst part is that I was unaware of this until I went to pick my son up and that is when it was too late. Now 5 yrs later, I have sent package after package stating that I needed this case to be reviewed because there were facts unknown to the court at the time of the initial decree. I have already sent the evidence to prove my case several times and would like a reconsideration of custody as soon as possible. I cannot get a phone call back from the judge or the courts, I cannot get a response from them and my son has been crying and pleading with me for two weeks to please do not send him back that he was scared. I have lived in this nightmare for 5 yrs and I cannot get anyone to just listen and read the evidence. So yes, Ohio does not want to help when it comes to the rightful parents.

  52. RLM says:

    Here is another side to consider. I have always had primary custody of all three of my children. When we divorced, my ex was given visitation. Over the last 12 years he rarely made an attempt to see or spend any time with any of them. On the occasions where he wanted to see them, I was always very accommodating. School events, sporting events, etc. he never bothered to attend because they weren’t his thing. My boys are now older and graduated. Now that they are older and all the hard work has been done, he wants to spend time with them…… He reminds me that he’s the “cool dad”.

    My 16 year old daughter has now told me she wants to go live with her father but, she’s never spent more three weekends in a row with him in the last 12 years. She and I get along great however her one of her biggest complaints is that I’m always in her business because I keep an eye on her social media, etc.

    Part of the reason behind our divorce was that he had a relationship with my sister’s 16 year old best friend. While no other formal charges have been filed against him, there have been many other allegations along the same line. His own sister told me that he raped her when she was a teenager and his step-daughter who is the same age as our daughter also made accusations against him. Children’s services have been involved on several occasions regarding this, under aged drinking, etc.

    His three step-kids have all had their fair share of trouble but, mine have never had any trouble in or out of school. The 16-year old step-daughter was sneaking out of the house, drinking, smoking marijuana, and sleeping around since she was 13. She was also expelled from school for stabbing someone with a pencil. She now lives with her father. When the step-son was 17 he was allowed to stay out partying all night with his friends.

    It is not a good environment for my daughter but, she sees freedom and all these promises from my ex. He is not a parent, he’s a party dad. Allowing her to make this decision is ultimately not what is in her best interest. Situations like this are a perfect example as to why this law makes sense.

  53. Slade-04 says:

    I hate my father, i dont want to live with him. i met him when i was eight. first time. he never wanted me. when i turned 13 he got custody, im almost 16 now, less then a month. is there anyway i can choose who to live with ?

  54. Emma says:

    As a 12 year old I agree that this is STUPID I want to choose I want to live with because I AM THE ONE WHO HAS TO LIVE WITH THEM NOT THE COURT! So court law needs to change I want to choose!

  55. Beautiful says:

    I like the law because some father’s only play daddy when the law like this is involved… Then go crazy on you when they cant have they way with control of the child .. So they spoild the children when the mother. Show them no! They go to the father and it a yes! So the child will choose the one who spoils them the wrong way and let mom feel like her job keeping everything right is left wrong.. So í like how this law is children shouldn’t have say so cause they can’t have they way with both sides. Parent’s need to come to gather as co parent’s and work as a team and put feelings to the side so children’s can have both and health for there life as growning up.. So as for me this law needs to stay ohio.

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